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First The Bad News
Uncertainty is a term that comes to mind when considering a current stock market analysis.

Additionally major banks and other large lending institutions have recently revealed exposure to the US sub-prime market. As a consequence they have suffered enormous losses and even these blue chip stocks have fallen as a result.

Superannuation Funds have had a disastrous period with losses ranging up to 30%. So considering that we live in uncertain times, where can we find security?

The Good News
Recent statistics reveal that although there has been a sharp decline in the Eastern States Real Estate Market, in SA we are relatively buoyant with latest figures showing growth of 6%.

That of course is across the board. Some regions have perfomed very well and others have declined or been stagnant.

At ‘Advantage’ we can advise you on property values & predicted growth. If you are looking to enter the real estate market as an investor or looking to become an owner /occupier, we can offer sound advice and importantly arrange a loan at a very competitive rate.

The real estate market over the medium to long term averages returns of around 9-10% per annum and if you buy in the right areas your capital is absolutely secure.

What options are available to you?

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How much can you borrow to invest?

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